Photographs on White Backgrounds

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Photographs on White Background

I really enjoy photographing headshots.  The time you can spend with a client in a 1 on 1 setting, event briefly is something I enjoy.

Headshots are about capturing the true personality of the client.  When you get the sparkle in their eye then I know I have nailed it.

The image above is of my daughter-  she  is getting better at helping me set up and try a new photo gear.

In this case I am trying out  a new backdrop that will be even more portable than my previous one.


85 mm 1.2 L is the only lens to use on a headshot.  It keeps the body in the right proportion.  Never use a 50 0r 35mm.  The face will look out of shape,


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Our professional photography studio specializes in business and acting headshots. The headshot studio has been going strong for 10 years by proving exceptional headshots , quick turnarounds and amazing customer service.

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