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Pet Photography and our approach

Photographing a pet is a wonderful experience for everyone-  it is especially something I love doing.  Pets have a unique personality which is evident through their eyes.

This is the style that we photographs for a few reasons.

Pet Dog Pet

Pet Headshots

We approach photographing pets in the same way we photograph headshots.

Our focus point is on their eyes.  Everything comes through the eyes and this becomes the big draw.  We can and do photograph the animals running and jumping or playing with their owners.

But the end result is you get a picture that is too common or generic.  Each animal is so unique in their personality that the only way to get this image to come through is through the eyes.

The other reason is that we want these pictures on the wall-  we want them printed big.  The effect would be totally different if you had a 16×20 print of your dog jumping or running.

For a truly awesome bada bing moment-  the prints should be of the the face and eyes.

The drama and personality are infinitely more powerful as a print  when it is a headshot.


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