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Samantha, Jeb, and Tatum had traveled a long for Tatum’s 1 year pictures.  Naturally the skies decided to open up with rain not seen all summer just as they pulled up.

I was not about to let them leave without some shots.  So with sky looking dark and mean and the rain pouring we still got some great shots.  The Nelson’s were such troopers especially Tatum.  I planned the shots with them under cover but you can still see the rain drops in some of the images.

I went with the 70-200 while trying to stay under an umbrella.  If only I had an assistant- lol

This is another reason to invest in the best gear-  weather sealing on the camera body and lens meant I could work in confidence and not working about damaging such expensive gear.

We will shoot again in October,  but I just could not let them leave –  especially after the long drive-  with some photographs.


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