What makes a Strong Black and White Photograph

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Great black and white images have strong contrasting values –  in other words the image needs the full range of values from pure black to pure white.

Once an image has that range of pure black through to pure white will it have the necessary density of colors to make it a strong image.

Too many black and white images are grey to whitish.  These images look  flat and lack the density of each range of black to white.

The lazy way to create a BW image is in Lightroom to click the BW tab below the exposure graph in the Develop Module.  The image will always end up flat.

The better option is to use the Black and White sliders to raise the values of those colors.

Black and white images can look amazing but only if you have a strong contrasting range of black to white-But without losing detail-  you can see the black tree bark and the white wisps of clouds.

Canon 5D Mk2


f 9 1/500 ISO 200

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