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Flash Photography in Weddings.

Using an off camera flash with a receiver and transmitter is a great way to take pictures that pop off the page.  Otherwise flat images suddenly have density to them and there is a sparkle in the eyes because of the catch lights created by the flash.

I use a Canon 600 Speedlite and PocketWizard Mini TT1 and the Flex TT5 to trigger the flashes remotely.  Both units are very easy to use.  I usually carry a light weight light stand and have the flash and TT5 already mounted.  That way I can move the flash to where I want it.

My three favorite spots are-  rim or hair light on the bride by placing the flash to the side, backlight with the flash behind the couple, and finally flash in front and to the side for catch lights.

It takes a little practice and knowledge of how aperture and ISO affect the exposure.  But the results are well worth it.

In this example, the flash is behind the couple, mostly on the brides head.  If you angle the light correctly, then the light will catch the veil.

A common error is to dump too much light on the initial flash.  Don’t panic-  think about how to reduce the amount of light.

The easiest way is to allow les light into the camera- so close down the aperture.  If you are at f.4 and you have too much light-  go to f8 or 11.

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