It’s About the Position- Wedding Angles

position wedding

It’s About the Position- find the wedding angles for the dramatic shots by thinking outside the box.  

Photographing from below can be a bit dangerous.

It makes the subjects look a little unflattering sometimes.

But if you can position a little bit of space in the foreground and allow the background to remain clean, then the effects can be pretty amazing. The art of portion wedding photography can create incredible images.

Here the sky had to be under exposed by 2/3 to keep it from going white.  It was a hot day, and the sun was bright.  There is nothing uglier than a white sky.  It really shows poor camera control by the photographer.

To add a little zip, a small amount of fill light is thrown on the subjects from an off-camera flash.  This helps to separate them from the sky even more. Separation makes the picture look more dynamic and create a sense of density.

The thin strip of grass a perfect frame to the shot and gives the subjects a “stage” to stand on.  Plus- it’s green.  The Irish in me wants to have some green in my photographs!

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