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There are the “safe” poses and styles that everyone needs.

And then there are the creative poses and approaches that I love doing as well.

One reason I am so passionate about my photography is that my clients allow me-  heck –  want me to be as creative as I can.  They know I will get them the safe images that Mom and GrandMa will want and love.

But they also expect me to be as creative as I want to be.   And that’s the part I love- Having the freedom to express myself without the confines  of style or form.

Recently I have been absorbed  by fashion editorials.  I really admire fashion photographers and how they are pushing the boundaries of poses, composition, and lighting.

It’s something I bring to my weddings and one that inspires me to be bolder in style and approach.


Canon 5 D Mk2

24-70 2.8 L

f 4 1/125 ISO 800


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