Church Wedding Moments

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Church Wedding Moments

Church Weddings are not known for great lighting.  And great pictures happen in part based on the source and quality of light.

As a wedding photographer,  we always look for a location with great lightening.  The quality of light needs to be large and soft.

In buildings, large windows are the best source of good quality light.  The light needs to be soft and large in order to envelop the subject.

This is one reason this image works so well.  The light source is the large stained glass window behind the little girl.  The light totally surrounds her in mostly soft light.

The editing choice was to dodge and burn the people around her to keep the focus on her.

The other element is the amazing interaction between mother and daughter.  It is a fantastic and perfectly timed moment during the service.  This shot would never had happened if the photographer had not looked around.  Too many photographers focus on what happens in front and miss great opportunities.

My mantra is “head on a swivel.”

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