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Seniors Portraits Fuast Park

Seniors portraits that are authentic and personal.

We photograph in St. Louis and Missouri and Illinois using locations that are fun and unique.



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Equine Pictures

Senior Horse Photography- We take pictures that show the compassion and relationship between horse and rider.


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Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits with their horses is one of the most special moments to photograph.



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Senior and Equine

Senior Pictures with equine companion.


While we do senior portraits on  limited basis, we will always take a seniors portrait with their horses.

Equine photography is a specialty area of our studio.   There is such a wonderful bond between rider and horse.  This is true for rider of all ages.

We have photographed toddlers with their horses- even at that age there is a clear bond between the two.

Seniors are especially wonderful to photograph with their horses-  that bond i somehow much clearer to create.

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