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Outdoor Shot


Outdoor casual Headshots

Outdoor headshots are always a great way to present clients with a clean and fresh look.  The blurred background-  only possible with professional lenses- makes for an interesting setting with the focus being entirely on the eyes.

Even outdoor shots need some light.  In this case a softbox and speedlight and a silver reflector to bring out the shadows and catch lights.

Simply using available light is not good enough and the photographer really should slight kisses of off camera light to really bring out the texture in faces.



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Equine Pictures

Senior Horse Photography- We take pictures that show the compassion and relationship between horse and rider.


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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes and a great theatrical look.

blue eyes

If the eyes are blue, then you need to accent the eye color with something around the client.

It could be their shirt or something in the background.

The goal is to bring the eyes into greater focus and make them the focus of the face.  Accent coloring helps bring the attention to the eyes and make them pop more.

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Actress Headshots Black

Bold Background to make actress headshots standout

ActressActress heashots for actors talent for theatrical commercial and business headshots.  Our St louis Studio works with talent across Missouri.

We offer numerous backdrops for our client to be photographed on.  Whether it’s an outdoor set with a beautifully textured wall or in studio on Grey, or Black, or White,  we balance the look with your look.


Actress Headshot Photography

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Simple Portraits for Any Occasion

Headshot Photographer in St Louis Missouri, Shari Photography blends a balance of simplicity and authenticity to create stunning portraits for any occasion- Portraits for Any Occasion


Simple Simple Simple Mary needed headshots for a variety of options-  social media, business web page, and other media outliet type presentations.

The options with her were varied but the simple option is always the best option.  Using a clean backdrop and black clothing, this allowed her to be offset in a powerful way.


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Winter Engagements

Winter Engagement Sessions give a different look that are unique in Forest Park.

Cold Season Engagements

Winter Winter winter Winter

Winter Engagement Shoots



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Child Actor Headshots Photography

Child Actor Headshots

St Louis Missouri and Illinois photographer for child actor headshots

Derek was a great young person to photograph.  He had a wonderful smile and great personality.

Young  actors are great fun to work with.  They are usually very spontaneous, not to self conscious of their appearance, and just go with the flow.

When working with young actors, rule one is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 2 is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 3 is to always…. you get the picture.

Another approach I suggest is to talk to the parents before the shoot and tell them to not get invovled in the posing/ instructions.

Nothing will deflate a kids confidence than a parent who “coaches” from the side with comments liek “you can smile better than that,” or ” try harder in your serious look.”

A gentle reminder that parents should not get involved in the actual posing makes all the difference.

Child Child

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Actor Headshot

Actor headshots St Louis Missouri and Illinois.

Headshots for Actors

Actor Actor Actor

Actor Headshot style

John needed a series of headshots that would go on his comp card and also have images on hand that he could  send as an email attachment to casting agents and directors.

We always try to capture 2 set looks for our actors-  a commercial look and a theatrical look.  These two required looks are an essential part of an actors portfolio.

The commercial look showcases the actors ability to sell.  The expressions and looks are typically warm and friendly.

The theatrical look brings out the dramatic expressions-  deep somber thoughtful looks to give the actors range.

To capture these looks, takes time and patience.


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Urban Engagementy Style Photography- Nick and Jessica

Style style style Engagements Engagements EngagementsUrban

Urban Engagements Style Photography

Tips for Photographing Couples



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Dealership Headshots that Standout

Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership

Portraits that Standout

Lighting White Seamless


The Westcott X Drop system is perfect.


Alien Bees-  work horse lights that do the job

A reflector on the face.


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