Bridesmaids and their Photographs

Bridesmaids and their Photographs

Some Photographers do not spend enough time on the bridesmaids.

They have just spent the morning getting ready and looking amazing.  Their makeup is spot on, their hair is looking amazing, and they have a lovely uniformity because of their dresses.  This is probably the most exciting group of ladies that are demanding to be photographed.

I usually will do a headshot set before we leave the location where they are getting ready.  I always feel that this a sanctuary and once we leave it it will be game on in terms of the pressures of the day.  Here they are at least somewhat relaxed.

I like to position them in a way that keeps the background lighter than their hair.  I try to place a lamp with a soft warm bulb in it behind them.  This is the ideal, but too many places now use the efficiency bulb which are much cooler in temperature.

Posing is really simple-

  • head is tall to lengthen the body,
  • chin is down and pushed forward to lengthen the neck,
  • head is turned slightly to camera so the nose is made smaller or less pronounced by their cheek,
  • Eyes are either at the camera or down
  • lips are slightly parted for a sultry look
  • and occasionally they can smile:)

I always give them a preview on the back of the camera.  They love this!  And more importantly I have now gained their trust and will totally work with me through the day.



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