Bride and Poses and the natural Smile

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Bride and Poses and the natural smile

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This was taken at the Westin Hotel downtown St Louis Missouri next to Busch Stadium.  It’s a wonderful hotel with lovely suites and plenty of lighting in each room.

How to get her to smile so naturally?

In this instance the bride was always smiling-  she was lovin’ every minute of the day.  She also had a very natural smile.

Strategies I use to get the smile?

You gotta get goofy-  I’ll say the stupidist things that always get a response- mostly I talk about her future husband and what she things of him.  Bringing up her pet peeves always helps!  Especially when the brides maids are in the room.

Lots of laughing all round.  Get everyone in the room to have a giggle and the mood lightens and everyone is suddenly feeling better.  My go to line is from the show Friends-  “How you doin’!”  Get them to say it Joey style…

This was taken with no flash as we set the bride up for a series of pictures.

The rest of the hotel  has loads of terrific locations to photograph the bride and wedding party.

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