AI Headshots- “A few extra fingers”

One of the big AI Headshot website companies called HeadshotPro (a Chinese based tech company) touts the incredible low price and amazing headshots you will receive from them. They claim you will get 100 plus photos. AI Headshot Problems is what typically happens.

But, buried deep in their own FAQ section is this:

“How many good photos can I expect?

Just like a real photo shoot, not every photo is a winner. You might find a few extra fingers, an unexpected hairstyle, or a strange expression among your results. You can expect 3-6 incredible profile-worthy headshots from your order—but we let you see the entire batch, so you can decide on the keepers yourself.”

Don’t mind the extra finger or zombie expression on my face, but please hire me anyway…

Looking at their sample “great” pictures it is clear that these are heavily AI generated headshots. They do not look life like.

Businesses are also making it clear- they do not want AI generated headshots. Why? Because they are fake and, in many cases, don’t look like the person sitting in the interview.

When you book a professional headshot photographer, not an AI machine, your photographer will take time to speak with you to understand what you are looking for. They can guide you through the different lighting schemes, backgrounds and most importantly, the editing.

AI Headshot Problems also lie in the basic editing. The editing stage, iof done poorly will make you look awful- like an AI generated image.

At my studio for example, I walk our clients through the process of what I will retouch and listen to their suggestions. Even after they receive their image, I still speak with client to complete additional changes.

This is not what you can do with an AI generated image.

AI headshot

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