Shari Photography specializes in bringing out the best in your portraits through expert retouching techniques. Using Adobe Lightroom’s and Photoshop advanced tools, we transform good photos into great ones. We freshen up faces, eyes, and skin by focusing on three key retouching techniques: removing skin blemishes, erasing dark lines under eyes, and enhancing overall facial features.

And we do all this after consulting with you. Retouching a face is highly skilled task. It cannot be left to an amateur who will the changes noticeable. A retouched face should not look like it has been edited aggressively. Changes need to be soft and subtle.

After your session, you will pick out the images you would like. At this stage of the process, we will go through what we will edit. Your input is essential so we know how much further we should go. The final changes are client personal choice. How much or little is up to you.

And after you receive your images, we will still make changes if you decide to do less or more.

Retouching Portraits with Shari Photography

Removing Skin Blemishes

Clear skin is a key component of any stunning portrait. Blemishes like pimples, scars, or uneven skin tones can distract from the beauty of the subject. At Shari Photography, we use Adobe Lightroom to seamlessly remove these imperfections. The ‘Spot Removal’ tool in Lightroom allows us to pinpoint and eliminate specific blemishes. We select the blemish size and let Lightroom match the surrounding skin tone and texture. This process ensures a natural look, not a digitally altered appearance. Clients appreciate how this subtle change can significantly enhance their portraits.

Erasing Dark Lines Under Eyes- Retouching Portraits

Dark lines under the eyes can make subjects appear tired or older than they are. Lightroom offers powerful features to lighten these areas delicately. We typically use the ‘Adjustment Brush’ to apply targeted adjustments. With this brush, we carefully increase the exposure and reduce the clarity to soften the appearance of dark lines. This approach helps to rejuvenate the eyes without altering the person’s natural expression. The result is a fresher, more alert appearance that clients love.

Freshening Up the Face, Eyes, and Skin

The final step in our portrait retouching process involves overall enhancement of the face, eyes, and skin. Lightroom’s ‘Radial Filter’ is ideal for this task. We create a radial mask around the face to subtly brighten and soften the entire area. Adjustments in sharpness, saturation, and exposure bring out the best facial features while maintaining a natural look. We also enhance the eyes to make them sparkle, using Lightroom’s ‘Iris Enhance’ tool. This makes the eyes become more captivating, which is essential for powerful portraits.

At Shari Photography, we believe that every portrait can be a masterpiece with the right touch of retouching. Adobe Lightroom’s suite of tools makes it possible to achieve professional, polished results. By removing skin blemishes, erasing dark lines under the eyes, and enhancing the overall appearance of the face, we ensure that our clients receive portraits that look fresh, vibrant, and beautifully natural. Explore our portfolio to see how these techniques transform ordinary photos into extraordinary memories.

Standard Retouching
No Charge
Included in your fee
Color Correction
Removing blemishes
Teeth whitening
Reducing Facial lines and eye bags
Sharpening eyes
Softening Skin
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Advanced Retouching
$65 / image
Look your Best!
Advanced retouching based on Client Needs
Standard Retouching
Lips (enhance definition and color)
Neck (thinning)
Body/face (shaping)
Background (blending, color, enhancements, artistic flair)
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