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I Love a good arm!

Actually, I have a thing for hands, wrists, and arms-  but only in wedding imagery:)

Too many photographers ignore them as they focus on the face, eyes, or whole body.  There is a form of photography called Bodyscaping.  This where the photographer focuses on a single body part and builds a creative around it.  The effects can be very cool.

I love doing something similar in my Wedding work- in particular I focus on the arms, hands, and wrist.  Arms in particular have such a long graceful feel to them.  On the bride, composed next to her dress, the effects can be amazing.

Couples holding hands can tell a story that can never ne told in the face.  This act of intimacy is hardly noticed as they think everyone is looking at their faces.  But how they hold their hands or how their fingers are wrapped around each other can be amazing to witness.

I suggest the first dance as a place to focus on hands.  Also during the time when the new couple walk around the reception or during their pictures time-  look for candid moments when they are just being themselves.

Canon 5D MK3

70-200 2.8 L IS MK2

f 3.2 1/500 ISO 800

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