Walking into Sunset

SunsetShari Photography sunset image.

Walking into the Sunset

Sunset shots are some of the best most enjoyable breathtaking badass pictures you can take.

Not only is the light at a golden hour moment-  Golden hour is the ideal time to photograph outside meaning it’s soft, warm, and golden-  but the effects on the sky and ground are lovely.

Check out the ground.  The crazy long shadows are a result of the sun’s position.  It adds a new dimension to the image.  The dark shadows add density and a little mystery.  Now the sky.  Gotta be careful not to over expose or you get a white sky and not a lovely dark blue one.  If I had a polaroizer filter I could have made the sky a darker blue.  But in this case, I under exposed by 2/3 stop and played around with the shutter speed to get the right look.

Colors were boosted in Lightroom and that’s all.

I use a 16-35mm wide on this shot to bring as much foreground and sky as possible.  The whole series we took of this were amazing.

Canon 5D MK 2

16-35 2.8 L

f 5.6  1/500  ISO 400

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