Veils and Wedding

St Louis Veils and Wedding dresses go hand in hand-  so lets celebrate veils more…

A veil is the most overlooked part of the wedding day. I love photographing a veil because of the endless opportunities it provides.

Being creative and having the need to express this is one reason I love photographing weddings.

Some of the common approaches to Veils is to backlight on a window.  I typically light to use a flash as well to fill in some details.  Otherwise there is a danger of over exposing and losing the details ion the dress.  A sign of a poor photographer is of the dress looks like a solid while sheet.  The details of the dress must be evident or the photographer is crap.

One of the advantages of back lighting is the rim you can create on the arms, shoulders, and the veil.  It creates a lovely glow around the subject.


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