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Simple Portraits for Any Occasion

Headshot Photographer in St Louis Missouri, Shari Photography blends a balance of simplicity and authenticity to create stunning portraits for any occasion- Portraits for Any Occasion


Simple Simple Simple Mary needed headshots for a variety of options-  social media, business web page, and other media outliet type presentations.

The options with her were varied but the simple option is always the best option.  Using a clean backdrop and black clothing, this allowed her to be offset in a powerful way.


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Pet Photography

Pet Photography and our approach

Photographing a pet is a wonderful experience for everyone-  it is especially something I love doing.  Pets have a unique personality which is evident through their eyes.

This is the style that we photographs for a few reasons.

Pet Dog Pet

Pet Headshots

We approach photographing pets in the same way we photograph headshots.

Our focus point is on their eyes.  Everything comes through the eyes and this becomes the big draw.  We can and do photograph the animals running and jumping or playing with their owners.

But the end result is you get a picture that is too common or generic.  Each animal is so unique in their personality that the only way to get this image to come through is through the eyes.

The other reason is that we want these pictures on the wall-  we want them printed big.  The effect would be totally different if you had a 16×20 print of your dog jumping or running.

For a truly awesome bada bing moment-  the prints should be of the the face and eyes.

The drama and personality are infinitely more powerful as a print  when it is a headshot.


St Louis Pet Photography Photographer





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Actor Headshot

Actor headshots St Louis Missouri and Illinois.

Headshots for Actors

Actor Actor Actor

Actor Headshot style

John needed a series of headshots that would go on his comp card and also have images on hand that he could  send as an email attachment to casting agents and directors.

We always try to capture 2 set looks for our actors-  a commercial look and a theatrical look.  These two required looks are an essential part of an actors portfolio.

The commercial look showcases the actors ability to sell.  The expressions and looks are typically warm and friendly.

The theatrical look brings out the dramatic expressions-  deep somber thoughtful looks to give the actors range.

To capture these looks, takes time and patience.


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Dealership Headshots that Standout

Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership Dealership

Portraits that Standout

Lighting White Seamless



The Westcott X Drop system is perfect.



Alien Bees-  work horse lights that do the job

A reflector on the face.


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That’s Who I am Self Portraits




That’s me:

A self portrait in the studio.

I am loving the background-  which I made myself.

How to create awesome backgrounds on the cheap.

  • buy insulation boards from Lowes or Home Depot-  $15
  • Buy paint –  no petroleum based paint- $5.
  • Paint.  $0

That’s seriously it-  I put legs on my boards so I can move them around the studio easily.  And with legs they can stand on their own.

I painted them in a variety of colors.  I layer the paint with different colors so it gets a more textured look.  I really like the dark one I created with a little brightness coming through.

The Boards work great with portraits and headshots-  not so much with full body shots.

Lighting is pretty simple-  Large soft box in front metered at f11.  A light directly behind me pointing at the board metered at f 4. And the most essential item-  a silver concave reflector at chest level.


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Headshots – Business or Acting

photography business

Business or acting

The line between a business  and acting look   is getting a little blurred –  which I think is awesome!

The two forms go well together.  The traditional stale business shot is making way for exciting looks that can pass for a theatrical or commercial look.

What it does is allow the client to seem a lot more personable and human.

Still important is the wardrobe.

This link helps give suggestions on what to wear-  it really make a big difference to the shot.

What to Wear

This may be different to what you might wear for an acting headshot.

Regardless on the type of shot, the eyes and mouth are the key elements to a strong headshot.

The eyes tell the audience if you are decent sort of person.  That’s where a really good photographer comes into play.  They need to make your eyes sparkle- either in studio or in editing.

With bloodshot eyes it is unacceptable for the photographer to not clean those up in post editing.


Whether the headshot is for either business or acting, the key to getting the client to show their true self becomes important.  So to do that?

1-  get them to talk about stuff they love-  hobbies. family, job, pets.

That’s when you’ll get a great reaction.

We are proud to be the choice photographers for executive, corporate and acting head shots in the Midwest.

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Executive Headshots with Style

St. Louis executive


Executive Headshots with Style


Headshots St. Louis Missouri Illinois corporate executive acting theatrical business photographer Photographers

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