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Executive Makeup- Infinity Hair Design

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Great makeup is essential to a great headshot.

Margret had a professional stylist work with her before the shoot and the difference is amazing from an editing standpoint.

We are lucky at the studio to have a Salon across the street from Shari Photography that offers outstanding service.

Caitlin Lambert   is a true artist when it comes to makeup application.  Unlike other makeup artists we have used from other salons, she  is trained  in creating a perfect blend between skin tones and the applications.

Her service has been outstanding and as a photographer I love how my clients are made up perfectly.

All my clients comment on how wonderful and caring she is and goes above and beyond in her work.

For business headshots, makeup needs to look natural.  Creating a natural look is actually more difficult than a fashion look.  There is a fine line between making the client look like she is going a  party or going to the office.

As a professional she only uses the top brands and this shows when I have a client sitting under the powerful studio lights.

Caitlins Website for Bookings

The salon she works at is Infinity Hair Design located at 5216 Gravois 63116

314 353 Hair.

Infinity Hair Design Website

Owner Ameila has a built a beautiful salon which caters for many different types of hair, skin, and other essential stylistic needs.  She has created a wonderful space that is relaxing to be in with a team of stylists that are professional and dedicated.

This is a full service salon for all styling needs including weddings.  They have a very cool studio space with lots of room and natural light.  Spacious enough for large Wedding Parties.

I plan on encouraging all my brides to give Amelia’s studio a look for their wedding hair and makeup needs.

If you are in need of hair or makeup, I recommend this salon over all the others I’ve worked with.






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Headshots – Business or Acting

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Business or acting

The line between a business  and acting look   is getting a little blurred –  which I think is awesome!

The two forms go well together.  The traditional stale business shot is making way for exciting looks that can pass for a theatrical or commercial look.

What it does is allow the client to seem a lot more personable and human.

Still important is the wardrobe.

This link helps give suggestions on what to wear-  it really make a big difference to the shot.

What to Wear

This may be different to what you might wear for an acting headshot.

Regardless on the type of shot, the eyes and mouth are the key elements to a strong headshot.

The eyes tell the audience if you are decent sort of person.  That’s where a really good photographer comes into play.  They need to make your eyes sparkle- either in studio or in editing.

With bloodshot eyes it is unacceptable for the photographer to not clean those up in post editing.


Whether the headshot is for either business or acting, the key to getting the client to show their true self becomes important.  So to do that?

1-  get them to talk about stuff they love-  hobbies. family, job, pets.

That’s when you’ll get a great reaction.

We are proud to be the choice photographers for executive, corporate and acting head shots in the Midwest.

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