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Photographing Wedding Shoes

Photographing Wedding shoes and the details from the day.  It’s an important part of what a modern bride wants and should be photographed.



Photographing the Wedding Shoes is a fun and different shot to take on the wedding day.

I always look for different looks or subject matters on a wedding day.  Of course there are the classic poses and compositions that all wedding photographers should capture.

But the fun of the day is pushing yourself to look for different approaches or angles. The general rule is to make sure you get the safe required shots first.  If the shit hits the fan in the day –  and it will someday-  for example a storm blows in, you lose or break the gear, or some other crisis occurs-  at the very least you will have the safe shots to fall back on.  Get the safe ones first no matter what!

Once you have those then you can have fun-  push the envelop of creativity or just take fun shots.

The shots may not make their album or wall print, but they will make them giggle or have a reaction.  Maybe an AHH moment for them.


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Headshots – Business or Acting

photography business

Business or acting

The line between a business  and acting look   is getting a little blurred –  which I think is awesome!

The two forms go well together.  The traditional stale business shot is making way for exciting looks that can pass for a theatrical or commercial look.

What it does is allow the client to seem a lot more personable and human.

Still important is the wardrobe.

This link helps give suggestions on what to wear-  it really make a big difference to the shot.

What to Wear

This may be different to what you might wear for an acting headshot.

Regardless on the type of shot, the eyes and mouth are the key elements to a strong headshot.

The eyes tell the audience if you are decent sort of person.  That’s where a really good photographer comes into play.  They need to make your eyes sparkle- either in studio or in editing.

With bloodshot eyes it is unacceptable for the photographer to not clean those up in post editing.


Whether the headshot is for either business or acting, the key to getting the client to show their true self becomes important.  So to do that?

1-  get them to talk about stuff they love-  hobbies. family, job, pets.

That’s when you’ll get a great reaction.

We are proud to be the choice photographers for executive, corporate and acting head shots in the Midwest.

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Canon 28-300 L Field Report Photography

Canon 28-300 L Field Report Photography


St Louis Wedding Photography Engagement Illinois Missouri Photographer

Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM Lens

Against my better judgment I rented the 28-300 for a sporting event I was hired to cover.  I thought the wide zoom would be a fun lens to bring to my backup   my trusted 300 2.8.

While the 28-300 has an impressive range that it can cover, the quality of the images zoomed out are not worth the range.  Between 250-300 the images are noticeably soft.  Image contrast and color saturation is also too low in all areas.

This lens needs a mono pod because it is heavy.  But even with the monopod and a super fast shutter speed  the images were unusable and unsale-able  for print.  The only images that were decent were around the 150mm range and f 5.6.  At f5.6 there is too much of the background in focus to make the image pop.

It’s a fun lens, but for paid assignments it is not going to work.

Which lens does work?


 Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens

This is a monster that can win every battle.  It is heavy and requires a monopod.  And it’s not cheap.  But the image quality is incredible.

Razor sharp at 2.8, intense color saturation, and good contrast.  If you nail the exposure, then every image is spot on.  It is really incredible how good each image looks!

There are so many times as I edit through Lightroom where I catch my breath because of how incredibly sharp the images look.   And the Bokeh—- intense and buttery.

I have relied on the 300 for the last 8 years for certain events, and it has never failed me.

If you need to use a lens for an event-  get the 300 2.8.  You will not regret it.


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Bride, Groom, and a Horse

Bride and Groom

St Louis Wedding Photography

St Louis Wedding Photography Engagement Family portraits photographers Bride


Some images just beg to be tweaked a little more than others.

The reflection is real-  I just made it stronger by running a direct Sharpening brush over it.

The clouds are real- I just made them pop with a purple hue.

The sky is orange-  I just made it bolder.

The Carriage is real LOL-  I just made it standout from the darkening landscape with a little direct light brushing.

Canon 5D MK3

70-200 IS 2.8 L  Mk2

2.8  1/500 ISO 3000


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Shoes are Important

Shoes Wedding St Louis Photography

Shari Photography

Shoes Wedding

Wedding photographers St Louis

Detail Photography and Shoes.

The Shoes are important.  They are an essential part of the planning and preparation for many brides as they develop  their day.

After the Dress, shoes are the 2nd most thought over item for the bride.  The items become an extension of their personality and link to their dress.

As a result, you need to photograph them.  Like so much of the detail shots, they can be pictured in so many different ways.

My favorite, as you will know if you skim the  blog, is to photograph them in a clean and simple way.  I’ll use a shallow depth of field –  say f2-f4 and create a lovely blurr.

The above images were layered in photoshop by Randy Kriewall-  an amazing photographer in St Louis.

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Let’s Flash!

Couple Photography

St Louis Photographer

Flash Photography in Weddings.

Using an off camera flash with a receiver and transmitter is a great way to take pictures that pop off the page.  Otherwise flat images suddenly have density to them and there is a sparkle in the eyes because of the catch lights created by the flash.

I use a Canon 600 Speedlite and PocketWizard Mini TT1 and the Flex TT5 to trigger the flashes remotely.  Both units are very easy to use.  I usually carry a light weight light stand and have the flash and TT5 already mounted.  That way I can move the flash to where I want it.

My three favorite spots are-  rim or hair light on the bride by placing the flash to the side, backlight with the flash behind the couple, and finally flash in front and to the side for catch lights.

It takes a little practice and knowledge of how aperture and ISO affect the exposure.  But the results are well worth it.

In this example, the flash is behind the couple, mostly on the brides head.  If you angle the light correctly, then the light will catch the veil.

A common error is to dump too much light on the initial flash.  Don’t panic-  think about how to reduce the amount of light.

The easiest way is to allow les light into the camera- so close down the aperture.  If you are at f.4 and you have too much light-  go to f8 or 11.

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Details Details Details


St louis Photography

Ring retail

Missouri Photography


Saint Louis Photography

Detail shots at weddings are a great way to express the creative side of a photographer.  Some of these were taken by my good friend Randy Kriewall of Kriewall Photography in  St Louis. Together we photograph weddings and have a great time doing them.  We push each other to be creative and sensible!

A typical lens for the details is the 100mm f2.8 L Macro.  It has the ability to focus on an edge for an extreme close shot.  The possibilities for being creative is immense.  We can focus and fill the frame on 1 stone of a ring.

Even more fun is because o the shallow depth of field of a 100 mm 2.8, we can create all sorts of yummy distortions with the background.

With rings and flowers I try to isolate a feature of the object instead of trying to grab the whole object.  I also try to either backlight the object or in most cases use an off camera flash to fill from the front.  It creates a lovely glow.


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