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Kirkwood Audi Dealership Headshot

Audi Audi Audi AudiKirkwood Audi Dealership Headshot.

What a great dealership!  What a great team!


I have been photographing their team’s headshots and I really enjoy going back to take care of their new staff.

Audi is a great brand-  it speaks of a new cool design with great features.  The brand is firmly established as cutting edge.  Tied to the brand is the fanatical customer service approach of the company.

When I was asked to photograph their team, I gave their marketing director a few choices that would well with their brand.  A generic picture would not work for Audi.

We both agreed that the best look would be a clean white background with bright eyes and faces.

To accomplish the look we needed to bring in the studio lights.  Because there were so many employees, we needed to do it at the dealership.  So we had to be in and out quickly.

We used 2 lights, a reflector under the face, a large softbox, and large bouncer to create the clean looks.

For the backdrop we used a potable stand with a white cover.  It was over exposed with a light shot directly at it.


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