Shadows and a Headshot Style

Headshot Photography Style
Shadow Style

Shadows and a Headshot Style

Even light on a face for headshots is important. It makers the client look trustworthy and that’s essential.  But to get the most style from a headshot –  try a little shadow.

We want to see the full face and eyes and the impression of someone we can trust.

On occasion we can also add shadows to the side of the face.  The Shadows need to be slight and not too dark and sinister looking.

Mild shadows on the cheek bone give the impression of the subject being regal, above the crowd in stature, royal.

But it’s essential you don’t let them have the look of contempt.  Then the whole look will backfire as the audience will perceive your headshot as some looking cocky and arrogant and aloof.

Regal and approachable yes-  a cocky know it all No.  It’s all about the Shadow Style.

So how to create this look.

  1.  put the reflector under their face, mid chest level.  This will throw light in their eyes and create lovely dynamic catchlights from below.
  2. place large softbox slightly to the right of the subject.  Feather the light so its just catching the nose
  3. place a large reflector, I use insulation boards from Home Depot, on the left of the client.  This will throw light back on that side of the face.
  4. Keep feather the softbox away to the right until you can see light shadows on the left cheek bone.
  5. Essential-  male they smile a wee bit or they will look arrogant.  Regal Yes- Cocky No.



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