Power of a 1.2L Headshot

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Power of a 1.2L Headshot

The awesome 85mm 1.2 L by Canon can makes you do crazy things!

What does a 1.2 do…  I can focus on an eye lash and make the rest of the face gently blur away.  The key word here is gently.  It’s like a buttery dissolving drift.  You cannot do this with a f1.8 and forget about the 2.8.  The more wide you can go with the aperture the more intense the blur-  embrace the blur.

And what happens to eye lash?  It is sharp.

The lens is heavy and costs a fortune but it is the classic portrait focal length.  The 100mm is also pretty perfect for the focal length, but I prefer the 85.

In a wedding, it is worth it.  I use it as the bride is getting ready.  It has a long enough focal range so as to not get freaked with a lens in her face like the 50mm.

A truly lovely lens.  It is very expensive, bu the image quality makes up for it!

Canon 5D MK2

85mm 1.2 L

1.4 1/125 ISO 800


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