The Photo Booth Arrives

The Photo Booth Arrives

Phoito Booth
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Photo Booth and Shari Photography

I love the reception-  I dig the energy, the music, the wild behavior, and the guests who are going to party.  And after a day of working hard I know the reception is the  last hurdle I need to leap to complete the wedding day.

At many weddings I notice that my clients book a photo booth for a few hours.  You can tell the photo booth because the vendor  sets up a black tent and a long line forms.  The lines are always long and slow because there is a machine that needs to count down before each image is taken.  There is hardly any human interaction between the person pressing the button on the laptop that triggers the count down and the guests.  Guests then  receive a very low grade image in part because they use a pop up flash on the camera and use cheap printers.  The pop up flash is the biggest culprit for the poor image because it is too small a light source to illuminate the subjects.

After I watched dozens of these photo booths in actions and getting frustrate at the poor quality images my clients were paying for, I decided that I would offer my clients a professional photo booth experience as part of their wedding collections.

We will set up an actual professional studio with 1-2 studio lights in a compact set up.  We can do this in almost any space.  We provide a backdrop and props for guests to use.  And  away we go.

And because we have a professional photographer running the Photo Studio, the lines moves fast-  hardly any downtime.  The photographer is also prompting the guests to be creative and adding to the experience to get great photographs.

I love the photo booth-

it’s an opportunity to take great pictures of friend and family acting wild and crazy!

Shari Photography

Our professional photography studio specializes in business and acting headshots. The headshot studio has been going strong for 10 years by proving exceptional headshots , quick turnarounds and amazing customer service.

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