First Dance Weddings

wEDDING photographyTo get the first dance tight shot you need a  good lens-  70-200 IS 2.8L.  Anything smaller and you will be in their face and that won’t do.

The 2.8 is really important.  Most dances take place in low light situations, so you need a fast lens.

We get a whole range of shots- wide to tight.  My favorites are the tight shots.

The way we like to light the scene is by suing an off camera flash-  we love Alien Bees because they are sturdy and affordable.

We use Pocket Wizards and then try to stay the hell of each others shots!

While I prefer to use a Speedlight on top of my camera to give a more even light, Jayson likes to work with only the rim light effect of the studio light.

So our couples get a lovely range of pictures.

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