Dead Space is Good Space

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When an artist leaves a large section of the canvas open or clear it is classed dead space.  Not an very attractive term but the effect it creates is fantastic- if done correctly.

It adds tension and an imbalance to the image which is attractive to look at.

The space created needs to be about 1/3 of the canvas or image space.  It can be filled with a minimal amount of objects- in this case a tree or sky.

The key is to place the focus of the image on a third line-  or where the lines of an intersecting thirds meet.  If you don’t do this the image looses all purpose because the viewer  has no idea where to look.

In this case the focus is on the couple.  They bare positioned lower left third.  This is where the eyes begin looking and they move to the open bright space in the upper corner.

Using dead  adds a lovely fine art feel to an image.

Canon 5 D Mk 3

50 mm 1.2 L

f 4.5 1/800  ISO 400

exp com + 1/3


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