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New Award for Us

Award for Shari Photography.

From the Director of

Hi Reza,

I hope that you’re doing well. My name is Forrest and I’m the Director of Community at I’ve been super excited to let you know that we’ve awarded you as one of the best wedding photographers in Saint Louis!

As you’ll see on the award page below, we highlighted the top twenty-five experts out of hundreds of wedding photographers that we reviewed:

Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts. To do so, we analyzed and scored each business across 25 criteria to provide a hand-picked list of Saint Louis’ best wedding photographers.

Keep up the great work and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy to jump on a call with you as well:)

I’ll be back in touch with some more updates soon.



Their Judging Criteria:


Black and White Looks so much Better!

Better Better




Black and White Just Looks Better



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Wedding – Hanna and Brad on a Perfect Day

Perfect Wedding Perfect Wedding couple Perfect Bride Wedding – Hanna and Brad on a  Perfect Day

Simplicity is the best approach to wedding photography.  As my style has evolved over the years, I find myself being drawn to a minimalistic look that has a stark and beautiful effect.

The drama is about the people in the image and they should be the attention points.  One of the ways to achieve this is by using a shallow depth of field to create a milky blurry background.  The focus is never on the surroundings but on the people.

Clean, stark, minimal, single focus, distraction free-  these are terms I can apply to most of my pictures that I can control.

Most modern portraits are shot in soft light. Soft lighting is more forgiving, more flattering and easier for beginners to master. So does that mean there’s no place for hard light in portrait photography? Just look at any collection of Hollywood portraits from the 1930s and you’ll have your answer. Golden age movie-stars often preferred to be shot in hard light, because hard light is dramatic and seductive. Drama and seduction, as we still understand today, help sell movie tickets. But shooting in hard light can be tricky. Here’s how to create hard light portraits that will give your subjects a glamorous, dramatic quality.

What is hard light?

Soft light is diffused, meaning that shadows are absent or indistinct. Soft light can make a subject look younger and can downplay flaws in the skin. It also looks flatter than hard light. Hard light, on the other hand, is more contrasty. In hard light, shadows have harder edges and greater definition. Subjects shot in hard light tend to look more three dimensional.

First, learn how to distinguish a good hard-light subject from everyone else

Not every subject is a good candidate for hard light. A person with blemishes, for example, deep wrinkles or otherwise less-than-perfect skin is not going to appreciate the results of a photo session in hard-light, since this type of lighting tends to accentuate everything that is wrong with your skin. Even subjects with enviable skin can benefit from a little help in hard light; make-up will reduce reflections on the skin that will translate into blown-out highlights in the finished portrait.

While mastering hard light portrait photography, it’s a good idea to shoot half your photos in hard light and the other half in soft. This will help you understand which subjects are naturals for these types of portraits and which ones just aren’t. And you won’t end up with a disappointed subject because you made the wrong judgment call.

Now ditch those soft boxes and umbrellas

Without soft boxes and umbrellas, you’ll instantly transform your lighting equipment from soft light to hard light. You can use a single hard light source for very dramatic photos, which will create a background that falls rapidly into blackness–but you’ll have more options if you stick with a basic portrait lighting setup (sans diffusers) with a key light and a fill light. Then you can experiment until you get the results you’re looking for.

Be aware of shadows, but don’t be afraid of them

With hard light, portrait photography becomes a game of shadows. Hard light will create hard shadows, and while some of them help create the effect you’re looking for, others are just plain ugly and need to be exorcised from the image. And example is that harsh “halo” type shadow like the one you get with a standard on-board camera flash. You’ll get this with hard studio light, too, so you’ll need to angle your camera or change the position of the light so the shadow falls out of the frame.


Veils and Wedding

St Louis Veils and Wedding dresses go hand in hand-  so lets celebrate veils more…

A veil is the most overlooked part of the wedding day. I love photographing a veil because of the endless opportunities it provides.

Being creative and having the need to express this is one reason I love photographing weddings.

Some of the common approaches to Veils is to backlight on a window.  I typically light to use a flash as well to fill in some details.  Otherwise there is a danger of over exposing and losing the details ion the dress.  A sign of a poor photographer is of the dress looks like a solid while sheet.  The details of the dress must be evident or the photographer is crap.

One of the advantages of back lighting is the rim you can create on the arms, shoulders, and the veil.  It creates a lovely glow around the subject.


Wedding St Louis Forest Park Clayton Ritz Carlton Clayton  Illinois Missouri Headshot Portrait

Getting Ready Makeup

Getting Ready Makeup Photographs

I love photographing the getting ready moments.  The bride is usually excited and nervous.  Candids are the way to go with these shots and when possible black and white will add a sense of decorum to the moment.

These are wonderful moments to photograph when the bride has a few moments of quiet where she contemplates the coming events of the day.

As the Makeup artist works her magic, the bride will often close her eyes and sit in a peaceful meditative pose.  These are the shots you want to capture.



Wedding Bride St Louis Chase Plaza Missouri Illinois Headshot Portrait

Makeup photography


You Don’t Always Need a Face


St Louis Photography

photography face

St Louis Photography

st louis Face

St Louis Photography

weddings Face

St Louis Photography

You do not always need a face in the picture.

There are many reasons to try to photograph anything but the face during the wedding.

Many times the act of the moment is best captured through a none facial expression.  For example, Hands are a terrific place to start.

These moments of emotion are captured perfectly by the way a couple may hold hands or by the way a bride will touch her flowers.

It’s best to not stage these events.  Just wait for the moment and anticipate the event. By avoiding the facial features, the viewer is able to create their own narrative of the moment.

Saint Louis Missouri Weddings Photography Illinois Wedding Bride Chase Plaza Clayton Photographer photographers photographer Portrait Headshot


Evening in a Park


St Louis Photographers


St Louis Photographers

Evening in a Park

Wedding Faust Park St Louis Missouri St Charles Headshot Photography Style Photographer Saint louis

AeroPress Coffee Maker

AreoPress Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee drinker, find this product! It will change your life.

My brother in law just introduced me to this product and it makes the most wonderful coffee I think I’ve ever had.

Coffee had amazing density and flavor.  Of course it helped that he made coffee with Taylor’s of Harrogate- one of the best.

Not only is the AeroPress easy to use, easy to clean, and quick- it is an enjoyable coffee making process-  very hands on and orgaphotogaphy image imagenic in prices.

Amazon has it priced at $30 which is a steal.



Review of Shari Photography

A lovely review of our wedding photography services.  Thank you kari for such kind words.

You can see all our reviews at



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How to Pose Heads


How to pose Heads

The Best advice I received on posing heads has to do with the placement of the noses.

The noses need to cross each other.

Draw an imaginary line through the noses and at some point the line should cross.

By positioning the noses to cross, then the cheek will hide the size of the nose.

Also the crossing creates a nice intimate look.

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