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Getting Ready South City St Louis

The getting ready moment is an essential and lively event you don’t want to miss.  It’s an opportunity to relax, have a drink, and hangout with some of your dearest friends.  Located in a beautiful home in south city St Louis, Joanna and her best friends gathered for a pleasant morning on the day of the wedding.

You don’t want this part of the day to be cut or rushed.  It’s about you and you should enjoy it.

Photographing the sequence follows a set pattern:

Establish Location, establish those present, photograph the dress/ details, Photograph preparing, lots of fly on the wall documentary shots, and lots of everyone looking glam!

The whole scene needs to look natural and relaxed.  Very little posed shots take pace here. We want everyone happy and relaxed.














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Pet Photography

Pet Photography and our approach

Photographing a pet is a wonderful experience for everyone-  it is especially something I love doing.  Pets have a unique personality which is evident through their eyes.

This is the style that we photographs for a few reasons.

Pet Dog Pet

Pet Headshots

We approach photographing pets in the same way we photograph headshots.

Our focus point is on their eyes.  Everything comes through the eyes and this becomes the big draw.  We can and do photograph the animals running and jumping or playing with their owners.

But the end result is you get a picture that is too common or generic.  Each animal is so unique in their personality that the only way to get this image to come through is through the eyes.

The other reason is that we want these pictures on the wall-  we want them printed big.  The effect would be totally different if you had a 16×20 print of your dog jumping or running.

For a truly awesome bada bing moment-  the prints should be of the the face and eyes.

The drama and personality are infinitely more powerful as a print  when it is a headshot.


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Best Engagement Tips for Couples

Best Engagement Tips-  

How to get ready for Tipsyour engagements with simple tips. 

1-  Do dress in the same scheme-    She should not be in a ballroom gown and he is in shorts and t shirt.

2-  Do not dress the same –  same outfits don’t look cool-  the matching tops and shorts and shoes.  That dose not mean you can’t wear the Cardinal  gear-  just not the exact same tops.

3-  Do wear your style-  if you are not comfortable in your clothes it will show.  So dress your style.

4-  Do match in colors-  use the color wheel chart and match opposing colors-  it looks really good.

5-  Don’t wear wild patterns-  keep it simple so the patterns do not clash-  solids are best.

6-  Do accent-  Accent with subtle jewelry and colors to play off each other.  Don’t overdo the colors.

7-  Do bring change of clothing.   Dress up and Dress Down.  Always start with the dress up outfits.

8-  Do pay attention to shoes-  they are important.


Have fun with the shoot-  your photographer should help you a lot in making you feel comfortable and at ease.  Posing is never easy for anyone so it is very natural to be nervous.






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Child Actor Headshots Photography

Child Actor Headshots

St Louis Missouri and Illinois photographer for child actor headshots

Derek was a great young person to photograph.  He had a wonderful smile and great personality.

Young  actors are great fun to work with.  They are usually very spontaneous, not to self conscious of their appearance, and just go with the flow.

When working with young actors, rule one is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 2 is to always have the parent/ guardian present.

Rule 3 is to always…. you get the picture.

Another approach I suggest is to talk to the parents before the shoot and tell them to not get invovled in the posing/ instructions.

Nothing will deflate a kids confidence than a parent who “coaches” from the side with comments liek “you can smile better than that,” or ” try harder in your serious look.”

A gentle reminder that parents should not get involved in the actual posing makes all the difference.

Child Child

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Foods to Photograph



Food Food

Foods Photography St Louis

I love photographing foods of anything.   There are so many creative options but I especially love shallow depth of field.

Shallow depth of field :

allows parts of the image to have a lovely blurry feel.  This allows the focus to fall on the part of the image you want the eyes to stay on.  Shallow depth of field can only be achieved with high quality lenses that can shoot at 2.8 or larger.  Cheaper lenses cannot go beyond 3.2 at best and then the images are soft.  Most mid priced lenses are sharp at 4 or 5.6f.

The beauty of a L series Canon lens or Nikon V series lenses is that they stay sharp even at f1.2.  You pay a premium –  $2500 vs $800-  for the ability to photograph in any number os conditions.


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Wall Art Ideas to Make Any Room Look Amazing

Art Art Art Art


Wall Art Ideas

Wall Photography Ideas for Home


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The Wedding Day

day day day day Day Day day day day day Day





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When Disney Wedding went Viral

Wedding Viral for St Louis Wedding Photographer Shari Photography.

ViralDisney Themed Wedding

Still one if my absolute favorite photographs.

I shot this wedding a few years and it went viral during a 2 week period.  It seemed like every media outlet wanted to get the pictures.

I can now go to my grave and say I was a news viral piece

Great Story:

Including Glamor Magazine –

And Today Show –

And KSDK –

And Huffington Post –

And about a dozen other news sites and countless more blogs.


Read more:
This was one of those great moments for a photographer to be a part of-  the couple were great-  their friends were amazing –  and it was just a neat family to be around.

Getting Ready Shots and Why They are Important



Getting Ready


The Guys

Getting Ready Shots and Why They are Important

They are an important series of shots that the couple will love.

Getting into the dress is a ritual and it is the threshold moment of the day-  it is the moment when everyone knows it’s game on.  Or in the words of a brides maid at a recent wedding-  ” The s***ts about to get real”  to which everyone bust into hysterical laughter.

Things I do to document the moment is to control the event.

For example, I ask the groom to put the jacket on in a certain spot-  natural light and clean background.  Never have them look at the camera-  always out the window.  Ask them to play with their cuffs or lapels.  They need to look cool and James Bondish.


For the Bride there are many options and I try to get a sense of the flow of the dress and the people around them.  One of my favorites is the mother applying the final touches of the dress.  This is a timeless ritual and it shows a link to the past

I photograph it at the mothers level,  Never from above because it looks poor,  and always with a backlight behind her.  It creates a nice glow around the mother.

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Urban Sunset Wedding Pose


How to take this and other urban shoots of the new couple-

  • Don’t let them get run over-  never take a chance in traffic.  Drivers will be distracted and your liability insurance wont even come close to saving your butt.
  • Use your 2nd shooter to the eyes while you shoot.  They can let you know if your about to get hit.
  • Don’t over pose and stage. you have at this stage of the day takes loads of their pictures.  This is a capstone of the day and it should be a cool shot.   Your couple wants to party so stop wasting their time.
  • Scout the spot before you tear them away from the party inside.  Sunset happens so fast so make sure you have the timing right.
  • Don’t pose them- yup –  I wrote it twice.  They are buzzing with all sorts of emotions-  so let them play!  just snap away at the right exposure.
  • On this shot I just told them to twirl and dance and he then lifted her.  Nothing else is staged. I love how she kicked her heels up-  I wish I can say I told her to do that, but she just did and made the shot.


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