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Dad and Son Babler Park Missouri


Dad and new son.


I love photographing dads and their kids.  This is especially true of first time dads.

My approach is to never really pose them.  What I want is as natural a feel for the moment as possible.  Let them spend time together and see what happens.

Of course I pose them as well.  But without question, the images that my couples buy are the natural ones that are not posed.  Grandmas are especially fond of images of their son interacting with their new grandson or daughter.

Getting Ready South City St Louis

The getting ready moment is an essential and lively event you don’t want to miss.  It’s an opportunity to relax, have a drink, and hangout with some of your dearest friends.  Located in a beautiful home in south city St Louis, Joanna and her best friends gathered for a pleasant morning on the day of the wedding.

You don’t want this part of the day to be cut or rushed.  It’s about you and you should enjoy it.

Photographing the sequence follows a set pattern:

Establish Location, establish those present, photograph the dress/ details, Photograph preparing, lots of fly on the wall documentary shots, and lots of everyone looking glam!

The whole scene needs to look natural and relaxed.  Very little posed shots take pace here. We want everyone happy and relaxed.














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Seniors Portraits Fuast Park

Seniors portraits that are authentic and personal.

We photograph in St. Louis and Missouri and Illinois using locations that are fun and unique.



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Outdoor Shot


Outdoor casual Headshots

Outdoor headshots are always a great way to present clients with a clean and fresh look.  The blurred background-  only possible with professional lenses- makes for an interesting setting with the focus being entirely on the eyes.

Even outdoor shots need some light.  In this case a softbox and speedlight and a silver reflector to bring out the shadows and catch lights.

Simply using available light is not good enough and the photographer really should slight kisses of off camera light to really bring out the texture in faces.



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Equine Pictures

Senior Horse Photography- We take pictures that show the compassion and relationship between horse and rider.


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Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes and a great theatrical look.

blue eyes

If the eyes are blue, then you need to accent the eye color with something around the client.

It could be their shirt or something in the background.

The goal is to bring the eyes into greater focus and make them the focus of the face.  Accent coloring helps bring the attention to the eyes and make them pop more.

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Spring Love

Spring time is such a wonderful time for engagements that are full of love and romance.


How do photograph the love between a couple in 1 hour?

Part of my inspiration comes from looking at the photographs of other amazing photographers-  photographers who are not well known but are truly masters in the creative realm of photography.  What I am looking for are the pictures that are so natural looking it is as if the photographer wasn’t even there!

There are tons of examples where you can tell the coupe were laboring through the process-  no connection at all.  This is not because they have no connection between each other-  it’s because they have no connection with the photographer.

I am not sure how, as a photographer, you learn to make couples at ease.  What is the system to have them relax and enjoy their time together while being photographed?

Bottom line – it’s an art,  a skill, a genuine sense of empathy.

Rule Number 1- look like you know what your are doing.  Don’t look like a dickhead with the camera and gear.  That is the surest way for them to not trust you.

Rule Number 2-  have fun.  Truly enjoy the time your are spending with them.

Rule Number 3-  make them laugh.  A sense of humour is the cornerstone of building relationships.




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Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits with their horses is one of the most special moments to photograph.



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Forest Park Engagement

Forest Park provides some of the most amazing Engagement locations.  Park Park

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Senior and Equine

Senior Pictures with equine companion.


While we do senior portraits on  limited basis, we will always take a seniors portrait with their horses.

Equine photography is a specialty area of our studio.   There is such a wonderful bond between rider and horse.  This is true for rider of all ages.

We have photographed toddlers with their horses- even at that age there is a clear bond between the two.

Seniors are especially wonderful to photograph with their horses-  that bond i somehow much clearer to create.

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