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Bridal Posing for the cool effect


Wedding Bride
Wedding Bride Hermann Hill

Posing the Bride and making it look interesting can be challenging.

Most couples are very self conscious about posing and may feel awkward being posed in fashion style looks.

An easy way to create strong images is to distract them.  Don’t let them think too much about what is going on otherwise you end up with clumsy looking posed images.

After we pose and photograph the “safe” images (the ones Mom will love), it’s then  time for me to play and be creative.  I never have a set of predetermined poses for each wedding.  Instead, I prefer to let the setting and moment take over.  My only guide is the awesome website Fashioneditoirals.  Fashion photographers are so ahead of the curve in posing and style that I rely on them for inspiration.

What do I do to distract them?  Tell him or her to whisper sweet lovings in their ear.

Tell him to bring his “How you doing” look and line.

While this is going on I’m posing and photographing.  Work fast and be specific in your instructions-  “Sarah, the arm closest to me-  bend it slightly.”  “Steve, move your ring hand to her hip.”

Work fast and be specific.

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