Wedding Details Reflections and Rings



Reflections Reflections

Wedding Details Reflections and Ringss

To get this you need a macro lens-  Canon has a fantastic 100mm 2.8 L with IS.  I’ve never been a macro kinda photographer but this lens can take you to a whole new level of creativity.

As a Missouri wedding photographer, I  photograph plenty of still life in the form of wedding details.  Flowers, shoes, cakes,  , and rings .    Photographing engagement and wedding rings are so much fun to play around with.

I’m enjoy with the challenge of taking a ring and photographing it in a way that adds depth. The stones on the ring    are beautiful  , so it can sometimes be difficult to set them in a scene that amplifies that beauty without detracting from it.

Canon 5D Mk2

100 mm f2.8 IS L

f 2.8  1/500 ISO 200

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