Face it – or not-



Do you need to see a face in every shot? Photographing anything but the face


In fact there can be more drama when the faces are not shown at all.  It creates a story in the mind of the viewer-  what is going on?  what are they looking at?

Some art critics call it “tension in the field” when the viewer is forced to face an unknown moment in the image.

Part of the allure of not seeing a pair of eyes, is he idea you cannot understand the emotions being expressed.  So as a viewer you look to the body language clues to put the pieces together.  We are such a social species we just gotta know what they are thinking.

In this image- it’s the gentle way the smaller child has her hand on her cousins back.  This is what makes it so special.  It’s also the way her head is slightly tilted.  The whole image conveys a lovely relationship –  and all without a pair of beaning eyes.

Each wedding or portrait shot I am a part of includes me looking for those candid back shots.  They can be amazing when you get it just right.

Canon 5D Mk3

50mm 1.4 L

f 4 1/500 ISO 400


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