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Detail shots at weddings are a great way to express the creative side of a photographer.  Some of these were taken by my good friend Randy Kriewall of Kriewall Photography in  St Louis. Together we photograph weddings and have a great time doing them.  We push each other to be creative and sensible!

A typical lens for the details is the 100mm f2.8 L Macro.  It has the ability to focus on an edge for an extreme close shot.  The possibilities for being creative is immense.  We can focus and fill the frame on 1 stone of a ring.

Even more fun is because o the shallow depth of field of a 100 mm 2.8, we can create all sorts of yummy distortions with the background.

With rings and flowers I try to isolate a feature of the object instead of trying to grab the whole object.  I also try to either backlight the object or in most cases use an off camera flash to fill from the front.  It creates a lovely glow.


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