Best Engagement Tips for Couples

Best Engagement Tips-  

How to get ready for Tipsyour engagements with simple tips. 

1-  Do dress in the same scheme-    She should not be in a ballroom gown and he is in shorts and t shirt.

2-  Do not dress the same –  same outfits don’t look cool-  the matching tops and shorts and shoes.  That dose not mean you can’t wear the Cardinal  gear-  just not the exact same tops.

3-  Do wear your style-  if you are not comfortable in your clothes it will show.  So dress your style.

4-  Do match in colors-  use the color wheel chart and match opposing colors-  it looks really good.

5-  Don’t wear wild patterns-  keep it simple so the patterns do not clash-  solids are best.

6-  Do accent-  Accent with subtle jewelry and colors to play off each other.  Don’t overdo the colors.

7-  Do bring change of clothing.   Dress up and Dress Down.  Always start with the dress up outfits.

8-  Do pay attention to shoes-  they are important.


Have fun with the shoot-  your photographer should help you a lot in making you feel comfortable and at ease.  Posing is never easy for anyone so it is very natural to be nervous.






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