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Our professional photography studio specializes in business and acting headshots. The headshot studio has been going strong for 10 years by proving exceptional headshots , quick turnarounds and amazing customer service.

Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits with their horses is one of the most special moments to photograph.



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Forest Park Engagement

Forest Park provides some of the most amazing Engagement locations.  Park Park

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Senior and Equine

Senior Pictures with equine companion.


While we do senior portraits on  limited basis, we will always take a seniors portrait with their horses.

Equine photography is a specialty area of our studio.   There is such a wonderful bond between rider and horse.  This is true for rider of all ages.

We have photographed toddlers with their horses- even at that age there is a clear bond between the two.

Seniors are especially wonderful to photograph with their horses-  that bond i somehow much clearer to create.

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Actress Headshots Black

Bold Background to make actress headshots standout

ActressActress heashots for actors talent for theatrical commercial and business headshots.  Our St louis Studio works with talent across Missouri.

We offer numerous backdrops for our client to be photographed on.  Whether it’s an outdoor set with a beautifully textured wall or in studio on Grey, or Black, or White,  we balance the look with your look.


Actress Headshot Photography

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Stylish Engagements Wardrobes

The Wardrobe for a stylish engagement shoot is really important.  As a wedding photographer in St Louis we create beautiful portraits.


Stylish Wedding and Engagement Portraits

Wearing outfits that not only compliment what your stye but each other is really important.

Your Style:

You have a look and it should be what you’ll wear on the day.  We always like doing 2-3 different outfits on the shoot.  Your style is important but then we also want the items to have some consistency.  It’s always best to avoid wild patterns or really bright neon coloring.  This is usually too distracting.


You need to look together in style.  This does not mean dress the same which is really uncool and tacky looking.  It means you styles should balance each other.  If he’s jeans and tshirts, then so should you.

We always talk our couples through what they should wear,  because it’s a big part of the image.

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Spring Engagements are Great Fun

Spring Engagements are so  much fun because everything looks so bright and green after a dull winter.  Spring

Spring Engagements are a blast in St Louis.  Our winters are typically really drab in color so it’s great when this month  rolls around.

What makes it so special is the amazing amount of color-  everything is bursting with such bold colors that it help to think though the wardrobe.

I like my couples to dress in a way that’s comfortable for them.  But adding color makes all the difference.  It will compliment the natural colors around them.  I absolutely do not want my couples to dress alike-  that is too cheesy and it goes against my belief that the couples are unique as is their style.

With that in mind, I don’t want them to wear whatever they like.  I have a prepared packet I give my couples that helps guide them to what they should wear.  The essential part I think is accenting with each other.

Simple connections through color make all the difference.

Spring Engagement and Wedding Photography of a creative and artistic style

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Kansas City Wedding Weekend

Kansas City Wedding Weekend- Even though we are based in St Louis Missouri, we are lucky to be able to photograph weddings across the Midwest.

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January 30th was an amazingly warm day in the city.  Usual temperatures should have been in the 20s!  but we hit the jackpot with temperatures in the 60s!.

A wonderful wedding for Sarina and Alex-  both looked amazing and what a great groups of family and friends they had with them to celebrate the day.

The brides home was perfectly suited for the pictures-  large windows and white walls.  This is the perfect combination for photographing inside a room.

The guys had an equally impressive condo with plenty of light and space.

The Greek Orthodox church was breathtaking with a service that was so majestic and emotional-  lots of happy smiles and few tears-  a perfect combination.

The weather and location form the photographs was perfect  We took so many and the reality is we could have taken more-  the couple were so photogenic and wonderful to work with.

Receptions are my favorite time of the day-  all the challenging pictures are done and I can relax and have some fun.  This was no exception with a great DJ and lots of dancing.

A wonderful wedding.

Midwest Wedding Photographer Kansas City Missouri Photographers Weddings

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Simple Portraits for Any Occasion

Headshot Photographer in St Louis Missouri, Shari Photography blends a balance of simplicity and authenticity to create stunning portraits for any occasion- Portraits for Any Occasion


Simple Simple Simple Mary needed headshots for a variety of options-  social media, business web page, and other media outliet type presentations.

The options with her were varied but the simple option is always the best option.  Using a clean backdrop and black clothing, this allowed her to be offset in a powerful way.


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Pet Photography

Pet Photography and our approach

Photographing a pet is a wonderful experience for everyone-  it is especially something I love doing.  Pets have a unique personality which is evident through their eyes.

This is the style that we photographs for a few reasons.

Pet Dog Pet

Pet Headshots

We approach photographing pets in the same way we photograph headshots.

Our focus point is on their eyes.  Everything comes through the eyes and this becomes the big draw.  We can and do photograph the animals running and jumping or playing with their owners.

But the end result is you get a picture that is too common or generic.  Each animal is so unique in their personality that the only way to get this image to come through is through the eyes.

The other reason is that we want these pictures on the wall-  we want them printed big.  The effect would be totally different if you had a 16×20 print of your dog jumping or running.

For a truly awesome bada bing moment-  the prints should be of the the face and eyes.

The drama and personality are infinitely more powerful as a print  when it is a headshot.


St Louis Pet Photography Photographer





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New Award for Us

Award for Shari Photography.

From the Director of

Hi Reza,

I hope that you’re doing well. My name is Forrest and I’m the Director of Community at I’ve been super excited to let you know that we’ve awarded you as one of the best wedding photographers in Saint Louis!

As you’ll see on the award page below, we highlighted the top twenty-five experts out of hundreds of wedding photographers that we reviewed:

Our goal is to connect people with the best local experts. To do so, we analyzed and scored each business across 25 criteria to provide a hand-picked list of Saint Louis’ best wedding photographers.

Keep up the great work and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy to jump on a call with you as well:)

I’ll be back in touch with some more updates soon.



Their Judging Criteria:

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